Selection Process

Notes on the Plus One Selection Process

Only eligible, complete applications will be accepted by Plus One. Twenty applications will be short-listed and assessed again by Plus One’s expert selection panel.  

Ten charities will be selected and their individual nominees will be invited to participate in the Plus One program. A further five nominees from five other charities will be placed on a waitlist.

The selection of individuals will be heavily informed by the level of support and commitment their employer offers to provide to them.  This includes not just time for their participation in the program, but also the creation of organisational opportunities to more broadly apply learnings from the Plus One program.

The skills, experience and leadership potential of individual nominees will be considered. Organisational commitment and the individual's potential to create impact will also be considered.

A very good individual in a very supportive organisation will more likely to be selected than a very good individual in a less supportive organisation.

The nature of available opportunities offered by Plus One's corporate partners will also be a reference point in selecting suitable participants.  

Plus One will aim to notify all applicants about the outcome of their application within six weeks of applications closing. 

All selection decisions are final and reasons for rejection of applications will not be given. Further communication will not be entered into.