Eligibility Criteria



The applicant must be an Australian charity registered with the ACNC, operating as a going concern. 


The applicant must nominate an individual employed by the applicant on a permanent basis at the time the application is submitted. Another individual from the same charity must also be nominated as an alternative 'back-up' applicant to provide cover in the event the main applicant is unable to attend any of their allocated training activities and/or leaves the organisation before the end of the program (see below for more details).

The applicant must also bear their own travel costs to and from the training venues although all actual professional development opportunities will be provided at no cost.


The application must be submitted by the charity’s CEO or Executive Director. If the nominated individual is the CEO or Executive Director, the application must be submitted by one of the charity’s non-executive directors or trustees.


Eligible charities must confirm their commitment to actively support their nominated employee’s participation in the program, cohort activities and program evaluation.


Eligible charities must confirm their nominated employee is available to complete the program as described by Plus One. This includes a confirmation that the employee will be available to attend, in their entirety, at least four face-to-face opportunities in the Sydney Metro area within a defined 12-month period, honour their coaching appointments and attend Plus One's welcome and graduation events.


Applicants must confirm they are willing to match Plus One’s commitment to them. They must confirm the nominated employee is suited to the program, will benefit from participating in the program and is fully committed to completing the program.

While Plus One's corporate partners will provide all professional development for free, the applicant must cover the selected candidates' travel costs to and from all training venues.



Should a program participant leave the employment of the charity that nominated them, they automatically lose their entitlements to program participation. At the point of their departure, they leave the program and their former employer will be invited to confirm whether the individual they nominated as an alternative participant will take their place. At the same time, the organisation will be asked to nominate a new, suitable alternative. This measure is designed to ensure program learnings are brought back to the organisation as originally intended. 


Eligible charities are limited to one application per application round. Charities that have previously applied can re-apply in subsequent years, but cannot nominate an individual who has already been through the program. In the event a charity submits more than one complete, eligible application, only the first application received by Plus One will be accepted.


To be eligible, a charity must be among the first 100 applications accepted by Plus One in a given application round.  


If an individual charity employee fails to complete the program to the satisfaction of Plus One, the individual and the charity that nominated them may be ruled ineligible for the subsequent application round.