Application Guidelines

Additional information to guide your Plus One application:

  • Consider what capabilities the person you nominate to participate is seeking to develop and how their professional development can support the strategic growth of your organisation.

  • Read all sections of this website to learn more about the kind of development opportunities offered by Plus One.

  • Choose individuals who are high performers and have the capability to incorporate learnings into their role, your wider organisation and beyond, in order to create the biggest impact.

  • Your organisation must commit to support your nominee in the application process and support their involvement in the program and any evaluation activities. You must also encourage participants to share and apply internally what they have learnt via their participation in Plus One.

  • Your nominee must be able to demonstrate either their ability to exercise influence in their role or in a personal capacity if their role is not a traditional ‘leadership position’. This recognises that an employee does not need to have a title to be a leader and that investing in potential is part of investing in leadership.